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[January, 1990] Camping and Hunter

Also known as "The Brick Prison"

Also known as “The Brick Prison”


Dear Journal,

Yesterday I took the test for hunter and it was very hard. I don’t think I made it but you never know.

Tomorrow I am going camping!!!!!!!

I’m so excited!!!! It will be so much fun!!! I just can’t wait!

Well I gotta go back now!!!

The “camping” trip was more of a class excursion upstate to learn about nature, but more a long weekend in the woods with some fun facts about plants and animals. The previous year’s trip was chock full of edutainment and good times, so I had plenty to look forward to.

As for that pesky test I took, it was an entrance exam for Hunter College High School, an educational facility for the “gifted and talented” on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. It’s on par with New York magnet schools like Bronx Science or Stuyvesant High School. The difference is that it’s a combined middle and high school and after 7th grade, no new students are admitted (if you believe the Wall Street Journal, it’s the best high school in America).

I remember the test being as one of the challenging ones I’ve ever taken in my life, probably more difficult than the SAT’s–hell, for all I know it was the SATs.

The testing site was a large building that was part of the Hunter College campus (an affiliate of the high school).  Thousands of people turned up, of which only a couple hundred would be granted admission to the school.  The swarm of people was daunting and when my father and I approached the crowd at the entrance, he turned to me and said,

“Are you sure you want to do this? What are the chances you’ll be one of the students to get in?”

I looked at the mass of people and thought of how much more fun I could be having not spending the better part of Saturday taking an exam.

I looked back at my father, who was only too happy to turn around, and shrugged.

“You already paid for parking, Dad. I might as well try.”

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