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[May, 1990] Electricity and Other Neat Stuff



May 26, 1990

Dear Journal,

On Tuesday a lot of the sixth grade went on a trip to Philadelphia. It was a lot of fun too, even though it was educational!

We went to the Franklin Institute, Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the Mint and Betsy Ross’s house. They were all fun, but my favorite was the Franklin Institute. That was the coolest of all! It had this huge heart that you could actually walk into! It also had these rad things with electricity and other neat stuff.

Betsy Ross’s house had all these wax statues and a fountain in the front of the house.

We also saw how coins were made which was pretty cool, and I even bought a coin of Independence Hall.

[From what I wrote above, it sounds like the kind of trip I’d be happy to repeat today, ideally with more time in the Franklin Institute.  I just wish I remembered more of it.  You’d think it would be tough to forget walking into a giant replica of a heart, but the only things I recall from the class trip to Philly are two souvenirs I bought: a miniature version of the Liberty Bell that fit in the palm of my hand and that Independence Hall coin.  It’s quite possible I bought the coin more for the box it came in, a beautiful velvet blue case with a hinged lid that looked like it should hold something involving diamond-y and much more expensive.]

Well, on to other things. I am going to be getting an achievement award from the borough president, Howard Golden!

It will be given to me at Brooklyn College and then I will bring it to school, so that they could give it to me again at the graduation assembly. And I am going to get a ticket to see the Mets game on June 29! Even though I am a Yankees fan, I will probably go anyway.

The achievement award probably had something to do with my solid academic record and the fact that I was the first student in the history of my elementary school to be accepted into Hunter College High School.  I don’t know if being a Russian immigrant also had anything to do with it.

As for baseball, I have never in my life watched a single game on television, and barely paid attention to the few live games I attended. For me the stadium trips were more about chatting with whatever friends I sat next to and the ballpark snacks. Therefore, it is ludicrous that I tried to pass myself off as any kind of baseball fan, and even chose a team. The real reason I picked the Yankees is because I hated the color orange, which, along with blue is a team color for the Mets.

  1. March 3, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    Oooh you’re lucky you clarified your Yankees-fanship! 😉 haha

    But what’s funny is, I think the only reason I WAS a Mets fan as a kid was because I LIKED their colours better! Brighter! 🙂

    • damiella
      March 3, 2010 at 3:33 pm

      Eww, orange and blue is one of the worst color combos EVER!

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